With thousands of successful projects completed around the globe, DRILTEK is a well-known and trusted name worldwide – not only for our impeccable standards of operational and engineering excellence but also for the economical and practical in-field experienced solutions we provide.

Our knowledge runs deep in all areas of upstream operations, from planning the well path and casing design to keeping production and implementation costs low – even in the event of significant design constraints. Because all of the DRITLEK team members bring a wide range of experience and expertise to the table, you can count on speed and quality through the completion of your project.


Our team consists of seasoned experts in the field, with an average tenure of over 2 decades in the upstream onshore and offshore operation arena. DRILTEK California personnel have the most comprehensive experience in drilling and completion operations’ planning and coordination than any other California entity.

DRILTEK’s Gulf Coast based team has 10 years of global Deep water drilling and completion experience and over 10 years of unconventional experience making us your one stop drilling and completion shop. Whether it’s drilling, completion, production or facilities, from stake to sale, DRILTEK’s expert team has you covered. When you choose DRILTEK, you can count on global experience, quality, dependability, and a job well done.

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Jim Fox

Chairman and Founder

Jim Fox

Mr. Fox is the principal and founder of Driltek. He is a University of Tulsa petroleum engineer with forty years of experience in oil and gas operations, design, and project management. Mr. Fox has successfully drilled, abandoned, and worked over oil, gas, and geothermal wells in every basin, on and offshore, in California. Mr. Fox chose to specialize in hands-on well intervention operations by executing the onsite supervision of his engineering designs for the first twenty years of his career. He believes personally executing this work was integral in honing his engineering expertise because it allowed him to more completely understand the failures of poor designs. Throughout his career he has always emphasized reducing project costs through the “proper application of technology” and relied on his extensive practical well experience and sound risk management judgement to ensure his projects, regardless of complexity, are executed safely, on-time, and on budget.

Mr. Fox holds numerous records for the fastest and deepest wells drilled in the state of California. The Minerals Management Service (MMS) asked him to participate as a technical expert, based on CalGEM’s recommendation, to review of the Macondo well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico; he served as a primary technical advisor to the COO of SoCal Gas on the 2016 Aliso Canyon blow out; and currently as a subject matter expert and technical advisor for the City of Beverly Hills leading intercept well operations below Beverly Hills High School.

Lane H. Linthicum

Chief Operating Officer

Lane Linthicum

Mr. Linthicum is chief operating officer at Driltek. He is a University of Texas petroleum engineer with more than twelve years of industry-specific experience of oil and gas operations management -- from well and facilities design, cost and construction; to the abandonment, remediation and repurposing of legacy wells and facilities.

Throughout his career Mr. Linthicum has demonstrated the ability to design and execute a full range of well and facilities construction, rework and remediation projects while meeting budget, quality, and timeline expectations. Mr. Linthicum often creates significant value for clients by developing creative/unconventional ways to solve operational challenges. The diversity of Mr. Linthicum’s employment history gives him a unique appreciation for the commercial goals and risk management thresholds of his clients, which is only further complimented by his superlative management skills. Most of Mr. Linthicum’s operations experience is in California where his thorough approach to project engineering and transparent communication has engendered solid relationships with his colleagues, employees, contractors, and oil and gas regulators.

He currently leads the Rincon abandonment project for the CSLC and is actively abandoning wells for the California Geothermal Management Division (CalGEM).

Driltek projects require the support of multiple engineering and operations disciplines.  Our technical staff includes reservoir, operations, facilities and production engineers with a thorough command of project execution.  We also have a history of successfully partnering and building teams to best suit our clients’ needs while leveraging our in-house expertise.