Driltek - Bakersfield, CA Office

With thousands of successful projects completed around the globe, DRILTEK is a well-known and trusted name worldwide – not only for our impeccable standards of operational and engineering excellence but also for the economical and practical in-field experienced solutions we provide.

Our knowledge runs deep in all areas of upstream operations, from planning the well path and casing design to keeping production and implementation costs low – even in the event of significant design constraints. Because all of the DRITLEK team members bring a wide range of experience and expertise to the table, you can count on speed and quality through the completion of your project.


Our team consists of seasoned experts in the field, with an average tenure of over 2 decades in the upstream onshore and offshore operation arena. DRILTEK California personnel have the most comprehensive experience in drilling and completion operations’ planning and coordination than any other California entity.

DRILTEK’s Gulf Coast based team has 10 years of global Deep water drilling and completion experience and over 10 years of unconventional experience making us your one stop drilling and completion shop. Whether it’s drilling, completion, production or facilities, from stake to sale, DRILTEK’s expert team has you covered. When you choose DRILTEK, you can count on global experience, quality, dependability, and a job well done.