Drilling for petroleum in all forms can be a high-cost, high-risk operation, as well as both labor and technology intensive. When clients utilize DRILTEK to optimize operations, we coordinate and facilitate the collaboration between all the key stakeholders to optimize operations through the identification and elimination of waste; resulting in overall project cost and time reduction.

Rig Move Optimization
Rig Move Optimization Team (RMOT)

Drilling rig mobilization time is both inevitable and non-productive. This dichotomy can result in teams accepting the status quo resulting in the unrealized loss of on-bottom drilling days, which when added up over a rig year can result in at least 1 less well/year/rig and higher average well costs than a rig which optimizes and reduces its move time.

The rig move is an operation which has low engagement risk, high reward (low hanging fruit) and if focus on this activity is supported and driven by management while being embraced by field personnel with the onsite expertise of DRILTEK’s RMOT amazing results can be achieved in 6 months or less throughout the rig fleet which means shorter overall time spud to Production, and ultimately, a reduction in individual well cost while improving the rig’s yield (wells/yr). This will lead to either less rigs drilling more wells or the same rig count delivering more wells without the addition of more resources.